Family Bonding And Photography Time

As children grow up, and adults go to work or mind their business, less time is spent with family members – even a simple family dinner gathering can be difficult for larger families.

But these are important moments in our lives or it will be gone before we are able to fully appreciate it.

Treasuring these family bonding times are important, and a family photoshoot Singapore session may just be a great way for you to capture the memories and immortalize these moments.

Additionally, if you get a skilled photographer, the shoot ideas will actually be really fun and interesting as well!

Do not regret after these moments are gone forever – get together with your family, get a family photoshoot done and bond with each other while you’re young and able!

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Family Photo Shoots

After you get married and all, what happens next? You take family photography sessions!

Although sometimes viewed as cheesy, do not forget that your immediate family are usually the only people who will follow you through the biggest part of your life, especially your wife/husband and kids.

Thus it is important to cherish those happy memories while you can and go for a family photography Singapore photo shoot.

There are many more fun ideas to a family portrait versus the solemn ones which were common more than a decade ago.

Similarly to fun wedding photography, Singapore has many studios which offer interesting ideas for family photo shoots as well.

Good ones usually are able to suggest ideas for you to try out. After all, digital film is ‘free’ and you can simply try out an idea to see if you like it!

If you don’t, change it and have fun in the process!

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Fun Marriage Photography

Have you ever seen those images of couples taking exciting action wedding photography shots?

In the past, they used to take portraits like shots which both spouses only smiled and looked straight at the camera and looked solemn.

However, more couples want more fun and memory nowadays!

wedding fun

Isn’t the above wedding shot much more interesting and fun than normal ‘typical’ ‘boring’ photo shoots?

Of course, for such interesting shots, sometimes the couples are the ones who actually come up with the ideas, but there are good wedding photographers Singapore who will be able to help you suggest such refreshing and fun couple shoots.

How do you even begin sourcing for such ideas anyway?

There are many ways: One is to definitely look online for inspiration, another is to look at other types of photography such as family or even  abstract art and extrapolating those ideas to your wedding photo shoot.

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Wedding Photo Shoot

Everyone loves a couple in bliss… perhaps except for jealous singles.

A wedding or marriage photo shoot (though it’s usually pre-wedding, as actual day is usually very busy) can be one of the best memories a person have.


Many couples who like the backdrop of beautiful countryside like to go to New Zealand to get their photos shot.

Whereas for couples who love the hustling and bustling city life like wedding photography Singapore due to the sight of modern and towering skyscrapers everywhere.

If you see those really candid photoshoots, chances are they were shot on the actual wedding day itself. However, if you notice those fun looking shoots, it is probably taken pre-marriage as couples would have more time to actually enjoy and have fun.

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Beautiful People Photography

There are usually several common types of people photography. The common ones are wedding photography, portraits pictures, family photography, and to a smaller extent, maternity shots.

Wedding photography is one of the most popular types of people photography ever as it captures people in one of the happiest and unique moments of their entire lives, versus other types of photographs which may not necessarily feel or be as unique.

Portraits pictures range from individual fun shots to those formal corporate style ones.

Family photo shoots were usually extremely formal but it has evolved to incorporate much more fun such as the following shot:

family photography fun

Maternity shoots have have largely improved in its popularity recently. In the past women felt either self-conscious or simply ‘tired’ during pregnancy but now more women want to capture this special moments of their lives where mothers are one with their child.

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